Cautivar Artisan Perfume

Bright & Dyanmic Day Fragrance

Charged with positive energy, Cautivar is a rare perfume; a jubilant celebration of graceful florals and good taste – bold yet delicate, defined by opposites – A captivating Spanish Scent with light, bright peaks and soft, powdery undertones. Lavishly uplifting, your heart will sing embracing the day, comforted by self-confidence and honesty. Icons are never one note: vibrant, dynamic and luxurious Cautivar perfume, a timeless fragrance created by the divine to compliment your style and capture your heart.

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Cautivar Artisan Perfume

Deseo Dulce Artisan Perfume

Sweet & Seductive Night Collection

An integral element of history’s love potion, Deseo Dulce luxury perfume has been described as provocative and sensuous. Intoxicating notes of Sweet Persian jasmine, musk and amber casts a spell of enduring sensuality. Sophisticated, Sweet and Seductive; a trio comparable to the deadliest of sins, Deseo Dulce is truly tantalizing; temping your deepest desires. Centered around a bold amber chord with supporting notes of jasmine, bergamot, laid on a cushion of dusty musk. Rich, refined and above the ordinary.

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Deseo Dulce Artisan Perfume

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Meant to invoke the most intimate of memories Beauty Divine SF Artisan Parfums are created using essential oils and natural ingredients. Inspired by the divine.
Established in 2008, San Francisco, bespoke artisan parfums.

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